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Flower Cups

A unique combination of Thai seasonings with tofu, peas, and carrots, served in crispy flower cups. Accompanied by a cucumber salad. 


Thai Crispy Rolls

Crispy fried veggie egg roll with rice silver noodles, cabbage and carrots served with sweet and sour sauce


Crispy Tofu

Crispy fried organic tofu served with peanut sauce and pineapple sauce.


Appetizer Sampler

Try a shareable plate of our most popular appetizers of 2 Flower cups, 2 Satay chicken, Fresh Spring rolls, 4 Crispy Tofu, and  Summer Salad.


Tuna Flower Cups

Tangy tuna salad in crispy petite flower cups. At must try!


Satay Chiken

Marinated mock chicken skewers served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.



Crispy fried wonton skin stuffed with curried potato, peas, and carrots. Served with pineapple sauce.


Fresh Spring Rolls

Fresh Spring veggie rolls with rice noodles, tofu, cilantro,carrots,cucumbers,and lettuce, wrapped in Organic brown rice paper served wiht homemade peanut sauce and fresh basil lime vinaigrette 


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